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It is a rare phenomenon that a Gmail password is stolen or lost due to hacked email. But, forgotten passwords are common scenario requiring one to follow up from one of the secure methods of password recovery at Gmail Password recovery link. Whenever a user is careless about following the security measures laid down by Gmail, he/she may find that his/her Gmail is hacked. Hence, it is important that one follows and abides by the security measures which Google prompts every user to update and notify. If you have not set up the backup account for your Gmail, it is the right time to do so. If you are wary of the measures, you can get assistance and guidance over the phone at our third-party Gmail support team.

A backup email address and a phone number are the two modes through which the secure communication for password recovery or account verification is sent. It is helpful in cases where the user forgets the password/username. If you are undecided about what to do when the next time Gmail prompts you to update phone number for verification, call our third party Gmail customer technical assistance. We are here to help.

Password recovery Help

Once you have set the backup mode of access, it is easier to recover or reset a forgotten password. The kind of error that occurs when you provide an incorrect password/username helps one understand whether it is the password or the username, which is mismatched. When in doubt call our third-party support for assistance and explain the type of error message visible onscreen. A different help link button is displayed for a different type of error. Call our team for guidance by describing the help link button on the display.

Forgotten Password

For a forgotten password/incorrect password error, the help link "forgot password" is provided. Upon clicking it, the user is redirected to the page where he/she must give the last password he/she remembers. When provided correctly the user is redirected to the page with different recovery options listed as check box options. Depending on the type of recovery modes, set by the user, he/she can check the right checkbox and hit proceed button. When the secondary email back option is chosen, the user is notified to check the secondary email address to which, a link for resetting the password is sent from the Gmail.

The follow-up procedure, once the secondary email is set appropriately is easy and does not require any assistance. But, if you require assistance at any point of the account verification or password resetting, call our third party Gmail customer support team.

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